IN a multinational country such as South Africa, English is understood in most urban areas. In practice, the foreign tourist or newly arrived immigrant may well find that knowledge of no other language is actually needed -- whether in commerce, in moving about, or in fellowship. In fact even small children of all population groups and creeds often understand English and speak it (albeit not always with the best of grammar).

However, the enterprising or more enquiring stranger to our shores may well feel that the South African way of life cannot really be sampled without at least some knowledge of the colourful language of Afrikaans.
For this vernacular of the Boers and many others is something special -- it is the only European tongue which orginated on African soil.

These webpages were compiled to help you learn and use many
Afrikaans phrases, words and sayings with the minimum of fuss
and trouble.

It does not claim to be a grammar course and should not be seen as anything more than what it was intended to be: a compilation of phrases for travellers and newcomers.

Nevertheless it follows a unique system of simplified phonetics whereby the English speaker can learn to pronounce Afrikaans phrases and expressions with remarkable ease --
often literally within minutes.

Leer lekker en alles van die beste!
[L/eah/r] [l/eh/k/e/r] [eh/n] ah'/l/e/s] [f/ah'/n] [d/ee] [b/eh/s/t/e].
(Enjoy learning, and good luck!)

G. Olwagen

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